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Beat the stress with music

Beat the stress with musicThat listening to music is not only an enjoyable pastime, but also a profound impact on the body, people knew in ancient times. Such a thing as "musical medicine" was proposed by Pythagoras. He claimed that some tunes can cure the "passivity of the soul that loses hope", and others "to confront the anger and rage, born into a lost soul."

Historical facts about the treatment

In most cases, the music only affects mood, but in history the facts are known, when she was saved from the real disease of a physical nature.

The most obvious example is the strange epidemic of mental illness in Europe of the fourteenth century. Suffering from "St. Vitus Dance" roamed the towns, they were not able to self-terminate continuous convulsive twitching and spewing inarticulate sounds. To cure them it turned out only to fulfill a peaceful and soothing melodies.

Another thing happened in Italy in the XVI century. Thousands of people suffered from a deep torpor, which was attributed to the bites of poisonous tarantula. People could not move, eat and drink, and died. Salvation was found unexpectedly escorting them from the painful state of dance music, starting in a slow tempo and accelerating to the limit. Today can be download track, called Tarantella, which is popular in dance halls.

What is the secret?

to Understand the impact of music on people, scientists have begun only recently. They came to the conclusion that the brain has two components - the melody and the timbre. They are separated and analyzed separately by two hemispheres. And then merging the results, giving a combined effect.

The main component of the exposure becomes a rhythm. He is 2-4 Hz, which is close to the frequency of heartbeats and breathing. As a result, the body begins to adapt to the tune. Depending on the rhythm, normalization of the heart rate, improves mood, reduces pain sensitivity, increased efficiency. The same beneficial effect has music on plants and animals.

Scientists have tried to find out what works most useful, and whether it is possible purposefully to adjust the mood and health of a person.

So as to cover all the genres (which are well represented at https://mp3panda.com/) the researchers could not, they chose classical music. And found that "moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven helps with irritability, nervousness and in the treatment of alcoholism, "Oginski Polonaise" relieves headaches, and the "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn leads to normal blood pressure.

But practicing surgeons say, the healing of injuries and fractures helps listening to hard rock, and therapists insist on the curative influence of Pink Floyd.

So download your favorite works and improve it's health!